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The Fantasticks is a musical show played by Harvey Schmidt, produced by Lore Noto and lyrics originally written by Tom Jones back in the year 1960. The musical show narrates an allegorical kind of story that is partly based on the famous play “The Romancers” (Les Romanesques) directed by Edmond Rostand.

The story emphasizes the two neighboring fathers who cleverly outwit their children Matt and Luisa into falling in love by forcing themselves to feud.

Ideally, the two fathers would pay for the travelling actors to fake abduction against Luisa and Matt can eventually rescue her from such danger, putting an end to the believed feud between the two.

Later on, Matt and Luisa discovered that everything was all planned by their fathers and nothing of it was real. Subsequently, the children immediately decline with the supposed love and decided to separate ways. After restricting the chance to clearly understand both sides, Matt and Luisa have returned to each other’s arms with more confidence and maturity, renewing their vows for the second time.

In the off-Broadway history, the production of the show has reached a 42-year existence associated with 17, 162 theater performances. The Fantasticks is seen to be the world’s longest-running musical show in the history musical theater entertainment.

In the year 1991, the show was granted a ‘Tony Honors for Excellence in Theater’ award. Few factors, including the show’s inventive runs and goals, famous songs such as the ‘Try to Remember’ and the creation of stories have helped the show to overcome pressure and time.

The Fantasticks later became significant models in the community, regional and high school theater productions. It seemed that the show had put so much inspiration and influence to many aspiring assets of the musical theater industry.

In the year 2010, the major investors of ‘The Fantasticks’ had earned their original invested capital 240 times. The musical show has played across the United States and 67 other neighboring countries.

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