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Soul Doctor is a musical production, which details the life journey of Rabbi Sholomo Carlebach. The show is also termed as “Journey of a Rockstar Rabbi”and is supported with lyrics and music by David Schechter and Sholomo Carlebach. The musical is uniquely inspired from a book written by Daniel Wise, who is also the director of the show.

Sholomo’s Story

Back in the 1960s in Vienna, an inspiring and courageous story began. Sholomo Carlebach was giving a concert at that time, when he returned to Vienna for the first time over the decades. As he reached the city, the moment has shifted Sholomo back in the time when he was a child, who beheld the killing of a Jewish man in the streets.

The terrifying experience made Solomon to have a pledge towards freedom of expression through music. The Carbelach family moved their home to the Upper West Side of New York City, where Sholomo studied at Talmud for Torah, ensuing his father’s footsteps of becoming a Rabbi someday.

Sholomo’s voyage has changed after he met the legendary jazz singer Nina Simone at the Greenwich Village night club. Nina Simone told Sholomo about her gospel and jazz music origins, and she also admitted how her people like the Jews in Europe at the time, were being maltreated in the US.

Motivated by Simone, Sholomo began to embrace music on his own. Later on, he started composing songs and playing music for women and non-Jews in some clubs around New York. When he and Simone went back to Vienna for a show, he ended his performance in the remembrance of the Jewish singer, who was shot down on the streets.

The musical was first launched at Le Petit Theater du Vieux Carre situated in New Orleans, and had succeeding runs in various theaters, including The Colony Theater based in Miami, The Parker Playhouse in Ft Lauderdale and The New York Theater Workshop in New York City.

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