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‘Perfect Crime’ is an off Broadway play formed in 1987, which centers around the murder mystery/thriller genre from a book written by Warren Manzi. The play tells a story of a woman named Margaret Thorne Brent, a Connecticut psychiatrist and at the same time, a heartless killer, who is suspected to commit “the perfect crime”.

Margaret is married to her wealthy husband named W. Harrison, who happens to die unjustly. When Harrison turns up dead, Margaret gets caught in the midst of a scary game of cat and mouse with her mind-disabled patient named Lionel McAuley. To resolve ‘the perfect crime’, a handsome but two-faced investigator named Ascher has is assigned to the crime case.

In the off Broadway history in New York City, Perfect Crime is the longest-running play. In fact, it has been called as “an urban legend” from a critic named Jason Zinoman of New York Times, because of its long history.

Originally, the play was put as an option for Broadway back in the year 1980, right after Warren Manzi finished his studies in the Yale School of Drama. At that time, Manzi was the youngest American author to have a play for Broadway. However, producer Morton Gottlieb wanted to change the title from “Perfect Crime” to “Guilty Hands”, because of this, Manzi lost his interest and went to Hollywood to transcribe for screenplays, including the film Clue.

Several years later in 1987, the play “Perfect Crime” began under the Actors Collective; Actors Collective is a non-profit theater firm whose multi-talented director was Warren Manzi. After its four-week limited engagement, the commercial producer Armand Hyatt immediately transferred the show on the Off-Broadway venue.

Since its official opening on April 18, 1987, Perfect Crime has reached to more than 11,000 performances, featuring Catherin Russell.

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