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Newsical is a musical entertainment inspired from a book written by Rick Crom. The production comes with great music and lyrics, which displays an ever-changing array songs and spoofs of up to date events, hot issues, politicians, celebrities and other recognized entities.

These well-known personalities who are being run through the parodies and arguments includes Lady Gaga, Nancy Grace, President Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Elena Kagan, Dr. Phill and Sarah Palin. To keep going with the headlines and develop more skits from the top stories, various songs are added on a continual basis.

In 2002, Newsical started with a club production before they finally took their journey off Broadway in 2004. Since then, the musical had been through several revisions and productions. Originally, back when the show was still on a cabaret production in 2002, Newsical began as “What in the World: The NEWSICAL Revue” and had performed at the Rose’s Turn Piano Bar and Cabaret, New York.

Originally directed by Collette Black, partnered with the musical director John McMahon, the original production starred Deb Spielman, John Flynn, Eadie Scott and Chris Regan.

In 2003, the production won the Nightlife Award for Best Musical Revue. A producer named Fred M. Caruso witnessed the production and became certain to produce the show on the off-off Broadway under the same director and musical director.

On January 9, 2004, the new named ‘Newsical’ started its previews at the Houseman Studio on Theater Row, New York. The musical was officially launched on January 22, 2004 and lasted for eight weeks in the same theater.

Later in 2004, the musical show began a new run with previews started on September 10, 2004 at the New York City’s Upstairs at Studio 54 and was formally launched on October 7, 2004, under the direction and choreography by Donna Drake.

For a few years in the off Broadway, the musical production has been through several runs and it was once nominated for two Drama Desk Awards in Best Revue and Best Lyric categories.

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