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iLuminate is an off Broadway production featuring the art of ballet dancing with stunning lightings, with no words from the performers. Illuminate was first seen in the America’s Got Talent, now, the exceptional and one of a kind production returns off Broadway at the New World Stages, New York.

“Illuminate” is a show, which tells a story about the whimsical voyage of Jacob, a talented young artist, who happens to suffer with his connection to the real world. Because of this, Jacob takes ease with his struggles through his magical paintbrush, which gives him all the power to turn his imaginations into reality, or to make his imagined characters into breathing mortals.

By Jacob’s big misfortune, a desirous town individual steals the paintbrush and creates deadly monsters. As Jacob fights to protect his friends and his town, he knows it very sure that he would be dealing with the trouble without the help of his magical paintbrush, which has become a horrifying destruction, under the ruthless hands of this jealous town guy.

Many will surely wonder about the show, iLuminate is one of the most visually exquisite off Broadway shows, where gorgeous dancers can be seen on stage, wearing wireless lighting that bring life and upbeat aura to the show. The undeniably talented dancers move their bodies along with the beat of modern techno music and eventually starts showcasing the storyline of ‘iLuminate’.

The ‘iLuminate’ runs on a new edition opened this coming January 27, 2015 at the New World Stages and ticket price starts at $68.45. The magical-filled production can be enjoyed watching with family and friends, no worries for kids because the show is surely as magical as your children’s fancies. The creative casts includes director and writer Miral Kotb, Athena S. Bienvenu (writer), John “JRock” Nelson (Music, set and costume designer), Dario Mejia (Music) and Marcus Allan Cobb (Music).

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