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Hereafter the Musical is an off-Broadway musical production in partnership with singer Frank Keanne, the production began its journey off-Broadway back in the year 2012. Hereafter the Musical is believed to be a labor of love for the CBS Executive Vinnie Favale, who has been known for his consecutive appearance in the Howard Stern Show. After spending 6 years of hard work and earning vast success on the Kickmaster Campaign, the music production has just moved to The Snapple Theater Center situated in New York.

The musical tells a story about a group of three women who hope to get in touch with their dead loved ones with the help of psychic Jason Richards. Later in the process, they discover that like the living, the souls are also dealing with the painful truth about moving on. In a session between the psychic and these three women, whose loved ones have just passed away, share their stories, by which the spirits of the other world get revelations that they have not seen when they were still alive. Because of this, the spirits would be fighting over a decision to whether or not they should make contact with their families, and once they do, the connection comes with a consequence.

Frank Keanne and CBS Executive Vinnie Favale had been rapt as they realized that the project could be a meaningful way of working themselves over personal losses and griefs. The Hereafter the Musical has been described by many as a powerful, life-changing and a fun-filled show that can be watched with friends and families. The musical had good reviews from its critics and fans, in fact, a reporter from The Holywood described the show as ‘a passion project’ and the Broadway Voice called it ‘wonderful’ and ‘full of grace, humor, realness that audiences need’.

Under the direction of Terry Berliner, accompanied by the production writers Frankie Keanne and Vinnie Favale, the musical starred Pierce Cravens, Jill Shackner, Deborah Tranelli, Paul Blackenship, Eileen Faxas, Courtney Capek, Kissy Simons, Margaret Kelly, Tanisha Gary and Alan Kalter.

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