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In 1987, an organization named ‘Blue Man Group’ was formed under the management of Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman. It is a musical production that creates superb theatrical entertainment showcasing experimental music with comic acts and multimedia, a recorded music and marks for television and film, and an exhibit museum intended for Children (‘Making Waves’).

Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman (originators of Blue Man Group) are entrepreneurs who shaped the group over the years. They have brought their own creation into global innovations while drawing joy to more than 17 million happy faces of people.

The Blue Man Group is a show focusing on three men who have colored blue heads without ears. The Blue men onstage do not speak, in fact, they do not say a word or utter any form of sound, and the only autograph would be mark of blue paint from them. The blue faces of these men are filled with nothing but innocence, curiosity and wonder, staring at the audiences’ cell phones as if they were things from the outer space.

Newbies might be wondering what is really the main objective of the show, the group’s main mission is to share their own intriguing gadgets with the audiences, like the sci-fi drum kits and LED screen assumed balloons.

However, unlike other shows, Blue Man Group has the least thread of storyline. It emphasizes more incredible entertainments, which unites high-tech stage effects, an old-fashioned comedy and few touches of clowning and circus-styled mime.

The kind of amusement the Blue Man Group brings onstage suits with the era of modernization where it says something about life, technology and communication failure. The Blue Man Group has several themes in their performances, these include Science, Information Overload and Information Pollution, Innocence, The Outsider and Self-conscious.

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