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Avenue Q is a musical show in New York, which tells a story about a bright-eyed college graduate named Princeton, who proceeds in the city with vast dreams but of little money, Princeton is a fresh graduate from outside New York, with a BA in English.

The plot is undeniably sidesplitting yet a very genuine story, with someone like Princeton, who can only afford to stay at the Avenue Q, a cheap yet fun-filled community situated in the outer area of New York houses.

The place in New York referred as Avenue Q, is the area where a glut of colorful and foul-mouthed individuals reside, whose opinions about everything in life are handed to the serious type Princeton, who happens to stay at Avenue Q upon reaching New York.

The musical show is said to be alike with the popular “Sesame Street”, by which most of the original actors of Sesame Street were actually puppeteers of Avenue Q.

Unlike most comic entertainments, Avenue Q is something quite different. It embraces rebellious and some politically unfitting spirits, but is also fully-packed with much laughter that draws smiles to numerous faces.

Throughout the musical show, the actors onstage remain visible along with the mimic movements of their puppets, putting another box of humor. However, despite the presence of humor in the show, it is prohibited for children because it sets some mature scenarios, which acts are only tolerable for adult viewing. In fact, one of the scenes reveals two puppets having sex, and one character of the show who bouts with his sexuality states that “The Internet is for porn”.

Under the direction of Jason Moore, accompanied from a book by Jeff Whitty, lyrics by Jeff Marx and music by Robert Lopez, the musical show starred Darren Bluestone as Princeton, Nicholas Kohn as Brian, Veronica J. Kuehn as Kate Monster and Jason Jacoby as Nicky.

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