Avenue Q is a musical show in New York, which tells a story about a bright-eyed college graduate named Princeton, who proceeds in the city with vast dreams but of little money, Princeton is a fresh graduate from outside New York, with a BA in English.


Blue Man Group is a musical production that creates superb theatrical entertainment showcasing experimental music with comic acts and multimedia, a recorded music and marks for television and film, and an exhibit museum intended for Children (‘Making Waves’).


Hereafter the musical tells a story about a group of three women who hope to get in touch with their dead loved ones with the help of psychic Jason Richards. Later in the process, they discover that like the living, the souls are also dealing with the painful truth about moving on.


Honeymoon in Vegas is a colorful comedy production. The casting is led by Tony Danza who portrays the role of Tommy, the gambler who attempts his luck by sweeping off Betsy (Brynn O’ Malley) and keep her out of the arms of her fiancé Jack (Rob McClure), who happens to surpass his terrible fear of marriage.


iLuminate is an off Broadway production featuring the art of ballet dancing with stunning lighting, with no words from the performers. Illuminate tells a story about the whimsical voyage of Jacob, a talented young artist, who happens to suffer with his connection to the real world.


Indian Ink is a theatrical show by Tom Stoppard, under the production of Roundabout Theater Company. The play tells a story about the free-spirited English poet named Flora Crewe at the time of her voyage around India in the 1930s, where she meets a complicated relationship with an Indian artist,


It’s Only a Play is a theatrical play directed by John Tillinger. It’s Only a Play is set on the launching night of Peter Austin’s newest play as he uneasily waits to see if his new show will be a hit on the go. Along with this, Peter Austin shares his big night with his best friend, his unpredictable leading lady,


Perfect Crime is an off Broadway play formed in 1987, which centers around the murder mystery/thriller genre from a book written by Warren Manzi. The play tells a story of a woman named Margaret Thorne Brent, a Connecticut psychiatrist and at the same time, a heartless killer, who is suspected to commit “the perfect crime”.


Soul Doctor is a musical production, which details the life journey of Rabbi Sholomo Carlebach. The show is also termed as “Journey of a Rockstar Rabbi”and is supported with lyrics and music by David Schechter and Sholomo Carlebach.


Stomp was originally formed by Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell in Brighton, United Kingdom back in the year 1991. The show uses a variety of objects as their percussion instruments on a daily basis.


The Fantasticks is a musical show played by Harvey Schmidt, produced by Lore Noto and lyrics originally written by Tom Jones back in the year 1960. The musical show narrates an allegorical kind of story that is partly based on the famous play “The Romancers” (Les Romanesques) directed by Edmond Rostand.


Fuerza Bruta is a postmodern theatrical show originally formed in Buenos Aires created by Diqui James in 2005. Fuerza Bruta has always been described as spectacular and a ‘360 degree’ kind of experience that creates a deep interaction between the big crowd and the performers of the show.