Matilda the Musical is one of the best stage musical plays – it is based on the children novel written by Ronald Dahl. It has been adapted by Dennis Kelly wherein Tim Minchin is in charge of the lyrics and music. This musical play centers around the character Matilda – a five year old girl with the exceptional gift of telekinesis. In addition, this little girl loves to read, has the ability to surpass all the hurdles caused by her school as well as her family, and helps her teacher to retrieve her life.

Matilda the Musical receives a lot of awards and has gained a lot vast popularity. This includes the Oliver Awards which it has won seven times as well as the Best New Musical of all time – one of the best awards that this show has received. Matilda has also won a Tony award. It has won five awards including a Tony award for the Best Book of Musical.

Due to this kind of stage play, many children are now rejoicing since for them the children’s show has now come in the form of a great revolution that is even more glorious then promised. This children’s show is considered as one of the most subversive and satisfying musicals in history. This is is because it was cultivated into life by the Royal Shakespeare Company. In different ways, this production serves as a good example of show business that has been inspired from a book that has been made into a good movie during 1996.

The dances and songs as well as the story of Matilda the musical are classic. Every kid will surely love it. Despite of its traditional form, this play works with grace and astonishing slyness that inculcate the viewers with its essential point of view. The character of Matilda is all about language and words, stories and books and innumerable worth as the weapon of defence, survival and at the same time attack. This show turns the alphabet into something magical.

The cast of Matilda the musical exhilarate the empowerment of tale and they are all brilliantly created to perform their best with their own choreography. This show captures the dread that runs similar as the icy rivulet with the happiest childhood.

The story has been translated to an unhappy and dull life. This then turns into dramatic and exotic fantasies. The children who perform this Matilda the Musical showcase their real intellect that impresses a lot of viewers.

Matilda the musical will surely awaken your imagination and showcase the revolutionary. This is an all-time classic and a children’s favorite musical that will surely grab the interest and suit the taste of modern individuals.