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The Skylight was formed under Richard Eyre’s production back in the year 1995. It is a play portrayed by a British actor named David Hare.

The Broadway show was formally launched at the Cottesloe Theater, National Theater, where other casts of the show including Lea Williams and Michael Gambon have been featured during its opening.

In 1996, the production moved for a short run residency to perform at the Wyndham’s Theater. After a year, they transferred to Vaudeville Theater in London where new members of the production Stella Gonet and Bill Nighy were introduced in the show.

Recently, the show is under the new production directed by Stephen Daldry featuring Bill Nighy and Carry Mulligan, opened last June 2014 at the Wyndham’s Theater.

All About “Skylight”

Kyra as the protagonist of the play, is a harassed school teacher residing in a very cold London apartment. One night, Kyra gets an unexpected visit from her Ex-lover’s son named Edward Sergeant.

Edward asks about where she went three years ago while she was still with the Family. All of a sudden, Edward’s father,Tom (Kyra’s Ex Lover), who is a very attractive widowed man shows up.

As they both sit down at a table served with a home-cooked dinner, they eventually reminisce the past and realized what has really changed between them.

The play tells about a story of two ex-lovers whose paths have crossed surprisingly.


For the past spanning decades of the ‘Skylight’, the show has reached several nominations and won various awards in the Broadway industry including the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Play (1996) and the Theater World Special Award for Ensemble Performance (Michael Gambon, Christian Camargo and Lia Williams).

The theatrical show only suits for ages 16 and above. It usually runs in a span of two hours and 20 minutes including one break. More of this romantic play are all set this coming 2015.

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