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Disgraced is a play in the year 2012 by a screenwriter and novelist Ayad Akhtar, the Broadway show has been granted a 2012 Joseph Jefferson Award for New York – Play or Musical, and won Obie Award for Playwriting in the year 2013. The play is currently directed by Kimberly Senior, with settings by John Lee Beatty, costumes and lighting by Jennifer Von Mayrhauser and Ken Posner.

The play had an off Broadway and off West End journey after it was premiered in Chicago, after winning the Pulitzer Prize For Drama in 2013, Disgraced finally took its way to the Broadway industry and just started its previews last September 27, 2014 at the Lyceum Theater.

The play “Disgraced” focuses on the sociopolitical subjects such as the Islamophia and the distinct personalities of the Muslim-American citizens. It displays a dinner gathering of four individuals with backgrounds that vary from each other. In the dinner assembly, a discussion is shot to the issues of religion and politics, which heats the temper of each defendant putting a fight against the differences of their religions and politics.


During a 90-minute onstage act, Amir Kapoor, who happens to be a lawyer is at the party with his wife Emily, who also happens to be the host of the Upper East Side dinner gathering. Amir was born in America but Muslim-raised in Manhattan, who ended up becoming a lawyer, while Emily is a soon-to-be artist whose focus is on the Islamic Themes seen in her arts. Prior to the dinner party, Amir becomes involved in a controversial case. Amir’s adapted nephew has raised his concerns about the case involving the capture of a local imam that may be outdone of funding terrorist-supporting groups, leading him to interrogate whether it is a ‘religious persecution’.

Emily is pulling Amir’s unwillingness about the issue and encourages him to show up in court to support the local imam. The controversial case becomes the shot in the dinner assembly, which includes an African-American, an Ex-Muslim, a Jew and a WASP, all dining over the issue about religious faith.

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